D2Audio: Year in review

Its that time of year…clean up and update the ‘ol LinkedIn profile.  Since I changed from the D2Audio group to the Zilker Labs (power management) group, I wanted to make sure I wrote a thorough summary of my time at D2Audio while it was still fresh.  Here it goes:

Software developer and audio engineer for Audio Canvas III

What is Audio Canvas III?  Audio Canvas III empowers engineers to create custom firmware for Intersil’s class D audio amplifiers.  With real time parameter communication and innovative visualizations, Canvas allows the engineer to see and hear the sound change instantly, improving efficiency at every stage of the design cycle.    


Screenshot: Audio Canvas III signal flow, complete with message viewer, block library, frequency response graph, and controls

Developed new features for D2Audio Canvas III
* Link new audio blocks into system and create custom visualizations and UI for algorithms like FIR & biquad filters, Dolby Virtual Speaker, reverb, dither, PWM timing, harmonics
* Create responsive and intuitive user interface in multi-threaded environment
* Implement project persistence using encrypted XML
* Designed custom UI panels, navigation, menus, custom widgets
* Performed extensive testing using test scripts
Skills and tools:
* Java: Sun Certified Java programmer (SCJP 6)
    – Swing/AWT
    – Java 2D
    – Encryption
    – SAX (XML encoding and parsing)
* Motorola 56300 assembly, compiler, COFF file conversion
* R&D: Octave + DSP package
* Build: Ant, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
* Windows XP: batch files, registry edit, command line
* Software lifecycle: version control, Agile-like project management
* Lab skills: Audio Precision, oscilloscope, soldering