Archive: SXSW 2010

List of RSPVs I have done so far.

Hype Machine’s Lose Control

List of resources:

Do 512

The Peen Scene

Ultra 8102

Sleeping with Strangers

Official SXSW Site

Jon Ray

Tweeters to follow:

SXSW is why I got twitter in the first place. Any other purpose for tweeting comes secondary to SXSW. Just know that. If you plan to attend any of SXSW, you need Twitter. Really, no joke. Just do it. I don’t have a fancy-pancy multimedia phone (yet), but I can still stay very connected in real-time using SMS text messages. I send my tweets to 40404 (after I authorized my account through and I receive updates from a select few people. If they are being annoying and tweeting at 4am, I unclick the mobile update option for them. During SXSW, I will be receiving tons of texts from all the people below.

@thekozak [I already created this list in Twitter. Just follow my list! The rest of the list is on twitter. Be sure to do mobile updates]






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