Messin’ with MYSQL – Session 1

Since I graduated, I’ve been planning on starting a project to keep my engineering wits about myself since I am in a non-technical position. This is easier said than coded. The job has been intensely busy! Since taking this job, I have been on travel a lot, like 8 weeks so far. Travel means no nerding out since I have my work laptop only. While at the home base, I’ll be working on a project of my choosing. In case you cannot tell, I have chosen database programming using MYSQL.

This blog entry is one of (hopefully) many “Messin’ with MYSQL” posts. These blog posts are intended to document my work for my own sake and for anyone else interested in trying it out.


Trial 1.) TAR – fail (too many dependencies; too much of a noob; I dont have all day)
Trial 2.) DMG (disk image) – fail (“FATAL ERROR: Could not find ./bin/my_print_defaults”)
Trial 3.) sudo apt-get install mysql – WIN. This method installs all the needed libraries, dependencies, etc.

My first run is a shot in the dark. While comfortable with with MATLAB command line operation, Terminal is another beast entirely. Typing ‘mysql’ starts running the program. Success! I try to create a database using the command “create database name;” but access is denied! I realize that I never (intentionally). I remember copy/pasting this code because the installer told me to:
“/sw/bin/mysqladmin -u root -h dingus.local password ‘new-password'”

So my password is “new-password” and I have no idea how to change it. Note to self, change it.

I start MYSQL again using the command “mysql -uroot -p” instead. It prompts me for my password and we’re a go! I make a couple dumb tables, making lots of stupid mistakes. It has been a while since I’ve learned a new language or even looked at code. Feeling very rusty and in great need of caffeine.

Teaching myself SQL using these websites:

I check to see if Xcode can do databases. I’m not exactly sure what I am looking for, but I don’t see any database programming options for creating a project.

I check to see what Excel can do with databases. I’ve looked at VBA macros in Excel before, so I figure it should do SQL. Oh yeah, I’m on my Mac, meaning I couldn’t afford Microsoft Office products after buying this laptop….also meaning that I use Open Office, for better or for worse. It gives an option to create a database – and so I do. I play with tables, forms, queries, and reports. I’m very glad that I found this.

1.) Get a database online and access it using command line
2.) Figure out graphic interfaces – html or whatever
3.) Access Open Office database from command line and vice versa
4.) Check out Google doc integration – check this link out:


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