Very cool app! Freemind

Ever had so many ideas and thoughts going through your head that its hard to sort them out? I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m such a spaz. Until I found this app.

So we all remember grade school writing. “The Writing Process”, they dubbed it. It was that redundant system of brainstorm, draft, edit, revise, draft… I used to hate drafts. Nothing worse than hearing “third drafts are due Wednesday.”

But there is good from this. Not the drafts, but the brainstorming. They would have us make these little cluster diagrams or outlines, little nodes with big ideas connected to sub-nodes with details and specifics. This high level heuristic approach really does help create good writing, or planning for that matter. This method captures how the human mind works.

Check out this example below. Instead of studying for my final exam (ima put the D in DSP) I made this cluster of ideas for how I want to spend my time this summer. It’s no where near complete, but it help me cluster my thoughts and ideas together in a constructive manner. Give this app a whirl, its free and great!


2 thoughts on “Very cool app! Freemind

  1. Hayley says:

    pfft, “Social: Buy more plaid”. only you, kevin.

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