“In your experience, what are the best aspects of Phi Sigma Pi?”

Phi Sigma Pi’s uncommon distinction from other student organizations and greek life is the group’s best aspect. This uncommon distinction was obvious when I first joined the Delta Psi chapter three years ago, but what exactly is this uncommon distinction? My experiences with Phi Sigma Pi over time have helped answer this question.

I have benefited the most from the fellowship aspect of the Fraternity. The fellowship shared by Brothers of Phi Sigma Pi is a lifelong bond of brotherhood. The friendships I have made through the group have been some of the closest friends I have shared. There is no better place to meet a variety of people. Brothers of Phi Sigma Pi are high-caliber students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and fields of study. Where else can you have an electrical engineering student from California working together with an international business student from Hong Kong and a fine arts student from Denton, Texas? I have had the opportunity to befriend Brothers ranging the most liberal of Democrats to the most conservative of Republicans, agnostics to holy rollers, nerds to hipsters, west coast chillers to east coast preps (lets not forget the “third coast” playas), artists to scientists, athletes to mathletes to musicians, and philosophers to pop-culture fanatics. Who I am today has been influenced by these friendships.


One thought on ““In your experience, what are the best aspects of Phi Sigma Pi?”

  1. Mom says:

    We are so very proud of you! This is all so very impressive, you have done well! You are an excellent writer Kev! xoxox

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